Four ways to keep the drive alive

Changes don’t happen overnight. They take time, sometimes years, to sustainably become the best version of yourself.

Consistency needs to be a top priority with your diet and training regime, if you want to see positive body composition changes.  But for a lot of people, this is easier said than done.

Motivation is usually highest at the very beginning of a program. You have a specific goal in mind, scheduled workout days/times and purchased your new flashy gym shoes. Day one can’t come fast enough!

Then, a few weeks pass and you haven’t lost the 10 pounds you set out to at the beginning (FYI: losing that much weight in such little time is unhealthy… but that’s another blog post –

. Motivation and effort plummets and your consistency suffers.

Here are four ways to keep the drive alive

  1. Take progress pictures

When you see yourself every day, it’s hard to notice changes in your body. The weight on the scale doesn’t take body composition into account. It’s typical for people to see minor changes in scale weight, but major changes in body fat and muscle, especially when weight training.

Before and after photos are perfect ways to see changes in body composition. Take pictures every two to four weeks for a visual timeline of your transformation.

  1. Make mini goals

You should already have your main goal set. Now, set some smaller goals. Go for a 20 minute walk or jog a day, set a daily sugar maximum or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Anything that progresses you towards your target and gives you things to focus on more immediately will make the journey less daunting.

  1. Apply a sustainable approach

To stay motivated, your approach to fitness needs to be sustainable and enjoyable for the long run. Make sure your goals are realistic, while still challenging. You can apply flexible eating ( into any lifestyle and still meet your goals.

If your goal is to be the best version of you, then make sure it’s the most enjoyable one you embark on. That way you’ll love every moment and still look awesome.

  1. Track your training

Set your benchmark and track your workout sessions. By recording the weight, time rested, sets, reps, and even tempos used, you’ll have a reference point to refer to, ensuring all of your numbers are trending upwards over time.


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