Method Fitness YYC by Jamie Mac FitnessJamie Mac Fitness is an online fitness and nutrition coaching business that is owned and operated by Method Fitness Personal Trainer and Precision Nutritionist Jamie MacDonald.

Jamie Mac Fitness’ main mission since its inception in 2017 has been to help clients improve their health, fitness and bodies without having to restrict or limit other areas of their lives in the process.

The biggest issue with mostly all diets is that they simply are not sustainable in the long-term. Not only do they not allow for any variance or flexibility because of their strict food allowances, they almost always severely cut calories as a sure-fire way for all populations to lose weight.

Low-calorie dieting definitely will lead to initial weight loss. But, more often than not, at a rapid rate. This sounds good on the surface but in reality, reeks havoc on our metabolisms leading to muscle loss, metabolic slowdown and eventual weight regain. Often putting all of the weight loss back on and even more!

There is a reason why 95% of dieters who see initial weight loss put all of it back on within 3 years and 2/3’s end up with MORE body fat than when they started.

Jamie Mac Fitness has been on a mission to help ensure all of its clients end up on the 5% of successful dieters through exceptional coaching, education and service.

Starting in 2019, Jamie Mac Fitness has joined forces with Method Fitness to provide top-class nutritional services to those ready to transform their health, fitness and bodies for life.

Method by Jamie Mac Fitness is run by certified Precision Nutrition coaches Jamie MacDonald and Mike Morley. Contact us to start your very own lifestyle transformation!


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