What is Flexible Dieting?

Flexible dieting is an eating protocol that involves looking at the nutritional content of food and eating to meet daily nutritional requirements & guidelines. It doesn’t restrict or eliminate foods entirely, but instead looks at the macronutrient breakdown in the food we consume. There are foods that contain protein, foods that contain carbohydrates and foods that contain dietary fat.  These are referred to as macronutrients. Most foods contain a combination of two or three macronutrients and there are foods that are more nutrient dense than others (healthy or ‘clean’) which we want to have make up the bulk of our food sources.

As long as you are accounting for the nutritional content in the foods you consume whilst fitting them into your daily macronutrient allowance (and meeting your daily nutritional guidelines, e.g., fibre), you can remain assured you will continue to progress.

Tracking your intake doesn’t have to consume your whole day. You can log the food intake beforehand if you have prepped your food in advance, log it right before/after you consume it, or write it down in your phone or on a piece of paper to be logged later on in the day. How do you do this? We recommend a smartphone app – MyFitnessPal. Simply keep a running journal of the foods you are eating, and it will record the nutrition in the food consumed for you.




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