Tier 1 Nutrition Guidance

The Tier 1 Nutrition Plan is designed by certified Precision Nutritionists Jamie MacDonald and Mike Morley to provide professional nutritional guidance and advice to help navigate clients towards healthier, fitter and more confident versions of themselves.

Clients receive their initial plan/guideline upon sign-up depending on their gender and goals. This includes:

  • 5 simple and easy to follow core habits that build the foundation of your nutrition plan
  • What foods to eat (for each macronutrient group – protein, carbohydrates, fats)
  • How much to eat using a hand-size portion guide (no weighing or measuring required)
  • Meal breakdown examples
  • When to eat (recommended meal spacing and frequency)

Although not a 1 on 1 coaching service, clients will have the opportunity to jump on a 15 minute accountability phone call with their assigned Precision Nutritionist at the end of each month. Prior to this phone call, clients will be sent a questionnaire to be completed and returned along with any other information/questions they’d like to include before their scheduled call. This allows their nutrition coach to be prepared in advance and make the most of the 15 minute call.

Clients will also receive additional nutritional tips/advice to their email inboxes on a periodic basis throughout their time on the plan.




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