Welcome back to our client spotlight series, this time we are showcasing our client Connie…


Q: Tell us about yourself?!
A: I am married with a 19 year old son. I hold a BSc in Engineering and an MBA. 7 years ago my husband and I started up a small consulting firm, I work part time for the firm which allows me the flexibility to train and pursue my activities. I consider my self to be an athletic, enthusiastic person who has a passion for the outdoors and physical activity. In 2012 I did my first triathlon and since that time I have been training as a part of a team. Additionally, I love alpine and rock climbing, skiing, trail running and yoga.

Q: What was your number one goal when starting to train at Method?
A: I had been using weight and strength training to help my performance in endurance sports and to prevent injuries but I felt that I needed a more structured and focused approach, I just wasn’t seeing the results. Method has provided a program specific to my sports and I have seen significant improvement, as an example I am a much stronger runner than before.

Q: How has your training here affected your life, mentally and physically?
A: Today I feel strong and healthy, but equally important is that I feel more motivated than ever. It’s actually fun for me to go the gym and work with the professionals from Method.

Q: You are a very busy person, from being an athlete, working and personal commitments – do you struggle to make time for your sessions? If so, what are some tips you have on how to deal with this?
A: As I said, I really enjoy my sessions and when you see results it is easy to stay motivated. I do have to balance family, work and the other activities I enjoy so I do carefully plan my time, but it’s not a struggle for me to prioritize my sessions at Method.

Q: What is your favorite “cheat” when it comes to food/drinks?
A: Well I don’t consider it “cheating” since it’s part of my nutrition plan (according to Jamie) so red wine and yes, banana bread.

Q: What are some words you like to live by?
A: Always do your best, perseverance and discipline……keep moving.



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