Welcome back to our client spotlight series.

This month we have Jill and Joe. They have been training together as a group session with us over the past year.

Q:Tell us a bit about yourselves:

A: We’ve been together for over three years and live the condo life downtown. Jillian’s professional background is in marketing, now turned full-time puppy mom to our new corgi, Rupert. Joe is a psychiatrist working at Foothills Medical Center. In our spare time, we love entertaining friends in our home, trying new restaurants, and enjoying a cocktail (or three).

Q: What goal did you have in mind when starting to train at Method?

Jill: I’ve always struggled with my weight and after a diagnosis of PCOS earlier this year decided to make a commitment to healthier living. While I still have a goal of weight loss, the focus of my training has shifted to becoming stronger, lifting heavier and living a well-balanced lifestyle.

Joe: I’ve always had good intentions of becoming more active, but often this motivation fizzles out after a few months and I find myself back at square one. The catalyst for me recently was realizing some health concerns were being exacerbated by living a sedentary lifestyle. Training at Method was a way to keep me accountable and consistent in reaching my health improvement goals.

Q: How has training at Method benefited your everyday life?

Jill: It’s always been hard for me to stay on track with fitness goals in the past when results didn’t come as easily or quickly as I may have wanted. Training with Method has put the way I interpret results into perspective and made me see that progress is not necessarily all about the number on the scale. I’ve learned to enjoy the journey and celebrate the little accomplishments along the way.

Joe: Since training continues to be a work in progress, the day-to-day benefits start out subtlety, but soon have more and more of an impact. The most noticeable thing at this point has been greater observation and insights into my own body. I find myself now paying attention to things that would have been completely oblivious to me years ago. Posture and gait are two examples that I have become far more attuned at monitoring throughout my day.

Q: Do you ever find it hard to fit your workouts into your schedule? If so, what are some tips you can share that help keep you on track.

A: Prior to joining Method, the majority of my workouts were done alone as they didn’t always align with Joe’s busy schedule at the hospital. By pre-booking the times we train at Method every week, we have managed to work our training into our routines and look forward to our sessions every week. After a busy week of work, errands and life getting in the way, it’s easy to choose binging our latest Netflix obsession over the gym, but having a standing commitment twice a week with Method gives us the accountability we need to stay on track.

Q: Do you find it helps to workout together? What are some benefits that you have both discovered about doing workouts as a team?

Jillian: For me an unexpected result of working out together is the strengthening of our relationship. There’s no better motivation than your biggest cheerleader supporting you through the last few reps when you feel like giving up. Seeing results in yourself is amazing but seeing your partner improve and grow is truly inspirational.

Joe: Since Jillian and I have our own set of strengths and challenges, working out together is a nice way of switching between encouragement and inspiration. It also ends up being a different way to spend time together that’s fun and rewarding. Training together also reinforces that accountability piece and allows you to sustain momentum and interest much longer than perhaps you would alone. Method has been great in facilitating the right balance of personal and shared goals.

Q: What is your favorite cheat meal or drink to indulge in?

Jill: Well, our trainer Zoe took the liberty of filling this answer in with “10 bottles of wine on Friday nights before Saturday’s workout sesh” and while 10 bottles may be a bit of an exaggeration, she’s not wrong. I will never say no to a glass of Amarone or Champagne.

Joe: I like to treat myself to KFC once in a while. It always seems like a great idea at the time: 10-piece meal, fries, gravy, coleslaw, whatever promotional item that’s offered. You know, the works. About ten minutes in though, I realize what a huge mistake I’ve made. Thankfully, my brain remembers this for at least a few months.

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