How to Reverse Diet

The idea is simple and the name explains itself. Slowly add calories back into your diet and reassess on a weekly basis. Not too many that it could cause sudden weight gain, but enough so that your weight remains the same or even drops.

People cringe at the idea of adding more calories into their diet as it goes against logic. These people are usually the ones who are already eating very minimal calories, and the concept of reverse dieting just doesn’t sit right.

Clients can expect a boost in energy and motivation. Hunger diminishes, and restriction begins to moderate. Sleep gets better and so does mental well-being.

This all sounds great but the problem is people don’t have the patience as they fear weight gain and/or want the quickest results possible at the detriment of their metabolism.

Time and time again we have seen people slowly add calories back into their diet only to see their weight loss pick right back up again.

Reverse dieting sets clients up for long term sustainable weight loss. The systematic increase in calories over time will put clients in an ideal position to begin the dieting process again because now the window to cut calories is that much bigger.

Don’t try to outsmart your body. Think about sustainable and ongoing weight loss. Take care of your metabolism and your metabolism will take care of you.

So if you’re looking to make sustainable change & progress in an optimal fashion, using an approach to nutrition that is conducive to long-term success, bypass those premade cookie cutter plans.

Invest in something & someone that is going to cater to your personal needs, goals, activity levels & body composition.

Invest in someone that is going to help you lose fat on as many calories as possible, so your lifestyle needn’t change drastically.

That’s what we do at Method Fitness.

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