Success Stories

Sharon Schuld

Sharon is a University Graduate with a degree in Fine Art and further education in Architecture.  The 50 something entrepreneur is proud owner of @puddingyarn , one of the most popular retail stores for knitters in Southern Alberta. Sharon tells us that “being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding creative endeavors she has embarked on.  Sharon has been personal training @methodyyc for six months. Read Sharon’s entire client profile here.

I feel stronger, more energetic and I’m no longer limited by my lack of conditioning.

AJ Tidball

AJ has been enjoying the benefits of working out at Method Fitness for over three years now. He started coming to Method after he noticed that his job in IT was negatively affecting his health, fitness and posture. AJ also plays volleyball, and before he started working out at Method it was taking him up to a week to recover from each game. Now his recovery time is almost negligible and he feels ready to play another game the very next day. Working out at Method has given AJ an improved awareness of health, nutrition and fitness, and he feels better for it every day.

Since I’ve been coming to Method, my volleyball recovery time has gone to basically nothing, the next day I’m ready to go again. Everything has been going really well. Total health and fitness consciousness now.

Geordie McDonald

Geordie has been working out at Method for two months now and he’s achieved some fantastic results. His fitness journey began in January 2014 when, after some encouragement from family members, he started to follow an online training program. While this was working for Geordie, he really wanted to take things up a level and so he got in contact with Bart and the team at Method with the hope that they could provide extra motivation and help multiply his fitness results. Things have certainly been going well for Geordie and in the four months since he began working out, he has lost 22lbs.

I contacted Bart & the team at Method to kickstart my training and multiply my results.

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