Reverse Dieting – Are you a candidate?

Are you having trouble losing weight whilst consuming minimal calories and doing lots of cardio?

You’re not alone.

Maybe your weight loss journey started off well. You cut some calories, added in some exercise and boom; pounds started flying off the scale. Only to experience the weight loss slow down or stops completely.

So, you decide to cut your calories further and do even more cardio. While that works for a little while, your progress plateaus yet again.

This cycle is repeated until you are eating an absurdly low amount of calories and doing quite a bit of cardio. You feel worn down, lethargic, hungry and have little energy in the gym. Both your workouts and weight loss have stalled.

The reason for your stalled progress is simple. When you cut calories, your metabolism begins to slow down. In an effort to conserve its energy for survival, your body begins to manufacture less metabolism-friendly hormones like thyroid, testosterone, and leptin so that your body can reach homeostasis.

Reverse dieting helps you restore your metabolism so that you can begin the dieting process at a much higher calorie number.

Starting your weight loss at 2500 calories is going to leave a lot more room to cut calories than if it were to start at 1800 calories.

The former will result in slower, more sustained weight loss over time. The latter will result in initial fast weight loss, quickly followed by stagnation, frustration, and then falling into the ever so common yo-yo dieting trap.

Click on the link below that explains how reverse dieting works.

How to Reverse Diet

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