Calgary Personal Trainer: Bart Onyszko

Trainer Topics: Not Just Cardio

A lack of appropriate muscular balance is a significant factor (arguably the most significant factor) in many musculoskeletal injuries. When muscles working in opposition to each other across a joint develop an inappropriate balance of strength and endurance, not only is the resting posture of the joint affected but its dynamic movement pattern is as well. These postural changes not only impair performance ability but also often lead to chronic pain or injury as the joint is used at the limits of its normal tolerances.

For example, an externally rotated hip creates a rotary movement in the knee, for which it is not designed, when you extend it under load, as with cycling or running. This may extend to the ankle and foot. Your joints can initially tolerate undue rotations , but over time problems begin to appear, which you might recognize initially as ankle pain, foot pain, knee pain, or hip pain.

Resistance training acts as a “pre-habilitaion” tool by maintaining joint stability and muscular balance. It also acts as a plateau breaker/performance enhancer in endurance based activities through development of strength and peak power in optimal movement patterns.

These are four primary objectives of a movement specific resistance training program for endurance athletics:
1. Develop basic strength, posture, and joint stability, thereby facilitating injury free endurance training. This occurs by creating appropriate muscular balance and increasing tolerance to stress in muscles used for support during endurance activity movements.
2. Build peak muscular strength for force-producing and recovery phases of the endurance activity.
3.To increase the ability to apply high muscular forces at high rates of speed. In other words, you develop the ability to increase peak power.
4. To minimize the loss of muscle mass and power associated with endurance training as well as aging in general.

Everyone loves outdoor time and its hard to get into the gym sometimes, but putting in some gym time on a regular basis will help any adventurer get the most out of their outdoor sport and keep them injury free throughout their runs, bikes and other outdoor pursuits.
See you in the weight room!